My Sunday’s Feast

July 25, 2010 § 3 Comments

This morning I sat down with my Trader Joe’s freezer risotto, a salad of mâche and blueberries, and a hangover to write about a completely different topic and flipped on a movie “in the background”.

Well, this movie was Julie and Julia and it absolutely moved me.

I think I reached tears a solid 14 times during this movie and, yeah, I feel like a big dork. I know I sound like an old, sensitive woman or a cliche movie critic when I say this, but it was literally a trip of tears of heartbreak, tears of happiness, and then laughter…sometimes all within one minute. (And trust me, I’ve been known to have snobby movie tastes from time to time)

Maybe this movie touched me because it actually hit me personally. Both of these women were clearly passionate, yet couldn’t quite find the means to follow their hearts.  Passionate is definitely a word I’d use to describe myself frequently and I know that at times, I’ve behaved just like these two women. Sadly, over the last year, my passion has been scarce and I just need to find the magnet that grabs it.

I don’t expect to be famous by any means, but it’s a nice thought that you might end up pursuing exactly what excites you and, in a way, it will just….come about.

To quote Osho once more: “Today is enough; don’t plan for tomorrow, or even for the next moment. Today ends, and then tomorrow comes fresh and innocent. It opens of its own accord and without the past. Watch a flower opening in the morning. There is no effort at all– the flower just moves according to nature. This is grace.”

(creds: Otago, DVietro)

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§ 3 Responses to My Sunday’s Feast

  • Devora says:

    Lovely post, my dear – I especially love your quote at the end. I find myself inspired and moved – where is it from? Who is Osho?

  • olgapants says:

    Aw, thanks, Ms. Devora! Good to hear from your beautiful end of the world!
    Osho is a spiritual teacher from India — controversial at times according to historians, etc, but I find his writings to be very inspiring.
    I recommend to you “Everyday Osho” and also the Insights for a New Way of Living series. But then again, I haven’t touched the rest, yet, so I’m sure anything would be a good place to start.

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