December 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

This week I was introduced to a few new interesting ideas or words:

Limerence– a cognitive and emotional state of being obsessed or infatuated with another person and having a deep desire for reciprocation of feelings. So, a fancy crush.

Consanguinity— refers to the kinship you have with another person. Basically, how cousin-y you are with someone else.

Shibumi/shibui— First described to me as a moment/experience that is so indescribably perfect and where one knows that you won’t experience it in exactly the same way again. I liked this. The fact that we don’t have a word like this in English completely changes the way we view things. –but then– I read about it more, and a more common definition I found was in reference to a Japanese aesthetic: a simple edifice, but with subtle details. It contains a balance of simplicity and complexity so that observers continually find new meanings in the piece. Both are beautiful. And it finally inspired me to buy a book on aesthetic theory that I have been meaning to buy.

Plaçage— an old term from the French “placer”, or to place. This described the “left-handed marriages” of white French and Spanish men to women of African, Indian, or Creole descent. These women were not legally recognized as wives, but instead as “placées”.

Sprezzatura— An Italian word that conveys an effortless nonchalance which conceals difficulty of tasks and thoughts. I can only draw conclusions about image and aesthetics when I think about this word.

Stendhal syndrome— Similar to Paris Syndrome in that an overwhelming setting creates a physical reaction of dizzyness and confusion, Stendhal Syndrome reacts to art. It typically happens in Florence, Italy, but can also happen in other conditions, such as a beauty in nature. Recalling my trip to Italy in 2003, I definitely experienced this while at the Uffizi. I thought my blood sugar had lowered.

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