December 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Black is too often associated with me. Even my bosses made a bet that my Santa hat would be black (the worst part: they were right). Sure, most of my clothes and belongings are black, but it’s not like I like the color itself that much, it’s just that things that are black… look a little more nice. More chic. More serious. And, hell, it matches with everything.

Architecture is about the only thing I haven’t considered applying black to. But recently I’m coming across more and more architectural projects that benefit from black. A few favorites:

Otake House in Japan by Suppose Design Office:

The Centrum Miuzek in Utrecht, Netherlands by Architecten van Mourik built out of recycled plastic planks:

The Urban Diva House by Pasel Kuenzel Architects:

This funky Japanese residence in Saijo by Suppose Design Office:

The Sinus house in Denmark be Cebra Architects:

And even this Victorian home in San Francisco:

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