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Animated gifs of NYC by Jamie Beck and her partner Kevin Burg.



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Salvador Dali is exactly the kind of wackjob that I would want to spend extensive time with. Why? In addition to the obvious body of artwork, he had an inspiring presence. He was eccentric, grandiose, and nothing but ordinary. He also drew a close analogy between food and sex.

He said  “every morning upon awakening, I experience a supreme pleasure: that of being Salvador Dalí.”  I know I already think this, but putting it in conscious words will make it all the more exciting to start your day. Having a strong sense of who you are is so important.

Happy fucking birthday (yesterday).

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“I use different types of economic graphs (projections, stock analysis models, financial results …) to produce plastic forms, architectural accident. This information is forcibly displaced in the field of sculpture and landscape. Monuments in, I think there is any doubt about what to make of these forms raised in the landscape. Should we see them as objects-to banish intruders, attractive plastic forms, ecological disasters? This ambiguous poetry for me is the optimum proposal.” – Mathieu Bernard-Reymond

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Peruvian Alexxx Castaneda’s skateboard decks.

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Something MAC cosmetics did that I can appreciate. They made a Lichtenstein girl come to life.


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Levi van Veluw.

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