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Brazilian-born Jim Nakao is a fashion designer and creative director.  His intricate and architectural paper dresses were displayed at the Paper Fashion exhibition in MoMu in Antwerp, Belgium. At the end of the show, the models ripped themselves out of their dresses (as shown in video).

Coupled with that hair style and crisp make-up, I am sold.

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Have you been reading anything about found object art?

Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain” was considered the first official oeuvre in the movement, but I’ve been more and more intrigued by its recent presence. Ugly, but beautiful. Innovative. And with a touch of “things are not what they seem”.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster have been drawing a lot of attention to the topic by making us take a second look at their piles of trash.

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Anyone been to this?

Anyone want to go to this? (with me)

Wine and Design? It can’t get any better. Well, yes it can …ahem, naked men…but this is pretty good. I think I need to make a special trip up to SFMOMA soon!

From the website:

How Wine Became Modern explores the visual culture of wine and its stunning transformation over the last three decades. Designed in collaboration with renowned architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the exhibition combines historical artifacts, architectural models, design objects, newly commissioned artworks, and enticing installations, including a “smell wall,” to probe many aspects of wine culture, among them: the globalization of wine; concepts of terroir; wine in popular media; new strategies in label, glassware, and winery design; and wine tourism.

Just around the river bend

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Frank Bolter floats down the river Thames in his origami boat as part of the Drift 2010 event in London. Awesome.


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LLOVE is an exhibition consisting of guest rooms in Tokyo stemming from the Japanese love hotel concept. Did you know that approximately half of Japan’s sex takes place at a love hotel?

In celebration of 400 years of trade, the LLOVE exhibition brings together Dutch and Japanese design ideas. The brains behind the project is Suzanne Oxenaar, Artistic Director at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam.

The best part: you can actually stay in one of these rooms!

“Buried” by Yuko Nagayama:

“Llayers” by Richard Hutten:

An undulating mattress by Pieke Bergmans:“Fertility” by Joep van Lieshout:

A rotating bed by Jo Nagasaka:

(photos by Takumi Ota)

Vellum Furniture Competition 7.0

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Just over a week ago we had what I consider one of the most exciting events of the year: the Vellum Furniture Competition. Students from Cal Poly’s College of Architecture hand-craft a number of furniture pieces and showcase downtown. Judges are usually local and out of town architects, craftsman, artists, etc. (A couple years ago in my usual brutalist, ugly/beautiful aesthetic submitted this number made of reused steel tubing and keyboards).

Here are a few photos from the event, including the program for the event which I designed this year.

First, a few of the winners:

Two pieces by one designer: the grand prize was a lounge made from a semi’s fender and a lamp from its air vent. Behind it is a coffee table that won a prize, too. The 2nd image is my favorite project from the show: grungy old lockers “re-lined” with new wood, closed with unique new elements, and lights.

A tall bike with a generator so that when you pedal, it lights up the bulb and you can use the typewriter.

This was the outside of the program. Imagine it folded hot dog style.

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