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Lovin’ these drawer drawings/collages from Valero Doval.


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I’m not usually keen on the 80s aesthetic, but, man, do I have a soft spot for these stylized Patrick Nagel prints. He would start with a photo and then remove “unnecessary” elements until the image was flat. He is very well known for the album art he did for Duran Duran’s Rio (<3333) and, unfortunately, died in his 30s. The last one is my favorite.

(all images http://www.patricknagel.com)

Drawing the human figure

October 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

This week I did my first sesh as a model for our art museum’s life drawing class. It was such a good time.

More importantly, I learned how much you can express yourself with your body outside of dance. The artists immediately picked up on my “style” (I didn’t know I had one) and they loved that I was able to do “freaky, exquisite” shapes for such long periods of time.

Here are a few incredible, expressive drawings (yes, drawings) I found a while back. Can’t remember the artist or source, however. Expect similar work in the future.

Berry: “Mademoiselle”

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