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Totally dig the idea of having nearly a gallery’s worth of black and white photos to spice up the bathroom experience.

(from homereviews.com)


January 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

Based on satellite images of the earth, Florian Puncher’s LandCarpets give the same birds eye view in your living room as you would see from the window from an airplane. Each one is based on different land use patterns from around the world.

They’re not the most beautiful/modern (yes, those are synonymous) items for your home, but the idea is certainly interesting. I would at least get the farm animals.





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I need this. It’s orange. It’s an ampersand. It’s wooden. Perfect!

From etsy shop Hindsvik.


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LLOVE is an exhibition consisting of guest rooms in Tokyo stemming from the Japanese love hotel concept. Did you know that approximately half of Japan’s sex takes place at a love hotel?

In celebration of 400 years of trade, the LLOVE exhibition brings together Dutch and Japanese design ideas. The brains behind the project is Suzanne Oxenaar, Artistic Director at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam.

The best part: you can actually stay in one of these rooms!

“Buried” by Yuko Nagayama:

“Llayers” by Richard Hutten:

An undulating mattress by Pieke Bergmans:“Fertility” by Joep van Lieshout:

A rotating bed by Jo Nagasaka:

(photos by Takumi Ota)

Rugs of sorts

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I’ve been doing a lot of rug shopping lately. More seeking, actually, and less shopping. I’ve ruled out all used rugs that I’ve come across, as those have been completely gross.  Are there any places with reasonably priced rugs that look decent other than Ikea?

I’ve also watched the rug getting pulled out from underneath one friend to the next. Looks like I’m not the only one and I can officially call off the pity party. I didn’t realize that college graduation immediately signs us all up for a series of life-transforming events. Attempting to rely on no one but myself is a difficult task and possibly the one which adds the most pressure.

Gallery home

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Boy did I pick the right day to go glance over at the Apartment Therapy blog.

I think I have found an interior decoration style that nearly epitomizes my design preferences. I didn’t think I would ever be drawn to mostly white spaces, but with its careful placement of color and effective use of Bauhaus art, I just can’t resist.

There is one drawback: not enough imperfection.

This “rocks”

August 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

Israeli student Shmuel Linski created this Expresso Solo concrete expresso machine while at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

There are so many reasons to love this project: the simplicity of functions, the contrast of the concrete and the smooth curves, the patina that might develop from coffee stains, an appliance that becomes part of the design of your home rather than a temporary “thing”,  and the textural contrast of the harsh concrete to the smooth steel and glass. Minimalist, but dirty.

I have no idea how much it weighs, but you can’t let a detail like that weigh you down.

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