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Butterfly images by artist Armelle Capron.


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Mark Rothko’s Four Darks in Red. 1958.

(from theartsection.com)

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Totally dig the idea of having nearly a gallery’s worth of black and white photos to spice up the bathroom experience.

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I’m really glad she’s back.

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Ah! Look at that light!

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Black is too often associated with me. Even my bosses made a bet that my Santa hat would be black (the worst part: they were right). Sure, most of my clothes and belongings are black, but it’s not like I like the color itself that much, it’s just that things that are black… look a little more nice. More chic. More serious. And, hell, it matches with everything.

Architecture is about the only thing I haven’t considered applying black to. But recently I’m coming across more and more architectural projects that benefit from black. A few favorites:

Otake House in Japan by Suppose Design Office:

The Centrum Miuzek in Utrecht, Netherlands by Architecten van Mourik built out of recycled plastic planks:

The Urban Diva House by Pasel Kuenzel Architects:

This funky Japanese residence in Saijo by Suppose Design Office:

The Sinus house in Denmark be Cebra Architects:

And even this Victorian home in San Francisco:


November 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

Anyone who has been around me for even only 10 min in the last few weeks knows that I’ve been all about the Rubik’s cube.

Strangely enough, it has re-kindled my infatuation with the shape. Here are a few architecture projects that take advantage of the cube’s beauty.

In Bilzen, Belgium, this residence is designed by El Bassam Okeily:

In Venice, CA. Designed by Lorcan O’Herlily:

Richard Meier’s Cube House in New York:

Polish-based Kameleon Lab Architects:

In Kanagawa, Japan by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates:

In Rotterdam, Netherlands by architect Piet Blom:

In Antwerp, Belgium (where I want to live someday) by Sculp(IT):

And my favorite in Kanousan, Japan by Yuusuke Karasawa Architects:

(credits: Tim van de Velde, Michael Weschler, nhit-shis, Verne, Freshome)

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