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Stephen Mallon’s photo series, Next Stop Atlantic, captures the disposal of several NYC Subway cars.  Over 2500 of these have been disposed already into the Atlantic in an effort to help build a new reef 16 miles off the coast.


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46 seconds of my life were well spent watching how pretty this video is.

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Swedish Architects Jagnefalt Milton’s proposal to roll buildings on existing railroads according to seasons or events has been awarded publicly. This projected, titled A Rolling Masterplan, was designed for the Norwegian master plan competition of Åndalsnes.

Parisian Nostalgia

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It made me all warm and fuzzy inside when I came across these photos of Parisian metro passengers by Sasha Paskanoi. It reminds me of a time when each day’s adventure became even more exciting the moment I remembered that I would spend a good time on the metro watching the characters step in and out. It got to the point where I would get on the metro just to be on the metro.

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